254SMO / S31254 / 1.4547

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254 SMO  stainless steel is an austenitic stainless steel designed for maximum resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. With high levels of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen, 254SMO is especially suited for high chloride environments such as brackish water seawater pulp mill bleach plants and other high chloride process streams. 254SMO offers chloride resistance superior to that of Alloy 904L Alloy 20, Alloy 825 and Alloy 254SMO is compatible with the common austenitic stainless steels. It is often used as a replacement in critical components of larger constructions where Type 316L or 317L has failed by pitting, crevice attack, or chloride stress corrosion cracking. In new construction, 254SMO has been found in many cases to be a technically adequate and much less costly substitute for nickelbased alloys and titanium. 254SMO is substantially stronger than the common austenitic grades, but is also characterized by high ductility and impact strength. 254SMO is readily fabricated and welded.


Chemical Composition:




Physical Performance:
Heat TreatmentT*SY*SEl
Rm N/mm2RP0.2N/mm2A5 %

The application fields of 254SMO:

254SMO alloy is a versatile material, can be applied in many industrial fields:

Petroleum, petrochemical equipment, such as corrugated pipe in petrochemical equipment.

Flue gas desulfurization unit power plant, main parts: absorption tower, flue, stall door, inner parts, spray system tower etc.

The sea water or system, such as power plant with thin wall condensation pipe, cooling sea waterdesalination processing

equipment, not even in the water may flow device can also be used.

The desalination industry, such as salt or salt removal equipment.

The desalination industry, such as salt or salt removal equipment.

Heat exchanger, especially in the heat exchanger of chloride ion in the work environment.

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