AOD Furnace

AOD furnace (argon oxygen decarburization furnace) refining equipment for argon oxygen refining. Its shape is similar to that of a converter.
The AOD furnace method (ie, argon oxygen decarburization) is a more advanced technology for refining stainless steel. The utility model has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation, strong adaptability, low investment and low production cost, and is widely used.

Refining Furnace

The refining furnace is a smelting equipment in the hot processing industry, and is mostly used in a smelting equipment for the final deoxidation and alloying process of molten steel in ferrous metallurgy. A device used for refining coarse metal removal in non-ferrous metallurgy or steel metallurgy.
There are different classifications depending on the purpose of smelting. The main production equipment is RH refining furnace and LF refining furnace.

Vacuum Furnace

The vacuum furnace, that is, the vacuum system in a specific space of the furnace cavity, the part of the furnace cavity is discharged, so that the pressure in the furnace cavity is less than a standard atmospheric pressure. The space inside the furnace chamber is thus in a vacuum state, which is a vacuum furnace. Mainly used for vacuum smelting, degassing, annealing of electrical vacuum parts, brazing of metal parts, and ceramic-metal sealing.

Electroslag Remelting Furnace

An electroslag remelting furnace is an electric furnace apparatus that refines certain steels or alloys by using a method of protecting the slag from air. Electroslag remelting is generally carried out under atmospheric pressure, and vacuum units can also be configured for vacuum refining as needed.
The electroslag remelting method is simple and easy to control, and the steel ingot is compacted and the surface quality is good.

Peeling Machine

The peeling machine mainly uses the whirlwind cutting technology to realize the rapid peeling of the outer surface of the round steel, so as to improve the quality of the round steel products. It can remove the oxide layer and defects of the products in the process of processing, so that the quality of the products can be improved to meet the needs of different production.

Hammer Machine

Hammer Machine is the most widely used type of forging equipment. A hammer machine is a machine that is dropped by a heavy hammer or processed by an external force to cause high-speed motion to generate kinetic energy to work on the blank to cause plastic deformation.
Hammer Machine has simple structure and good process adaptability. It is the main forging production equipment today.

Chemical Analysis

Metal chemical analysis mainly provides the enterprise with accurate element information of metal materials. Through chemical composition analysis, we can quickly determine various components in the product, help us identify materials, components and contents, ensure that raw materials meet the composition requirements, assist the factory in material quality control, and reduce product quality problems.

Physical Analysis

The resistance of metal materials to damage under load is called mechanical properties. The applied load properties are different, and the mechanical properties required for metal materials will also be different.
Our factory provides physical analysis to ensure that all mechanical properties of products can meet all kinds of standard systems, and meet customer requirements for product mechanical properties.